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check_ssl_cert is a Nagios plugin to check the CA and validity of an X.509 certificate

see the INSTALL file for installation instructions


Usage: check_ssl_cert -H host [OPTIONS]

   -H,--host host         server

   -A,--noauth            ignore authority warnings (expiration only)
      --altnames          matches the pattern specified in -n with alternate names too
   -C,--clientcert path   use client certificate to authenticate
      --clientpass phrase set passphrase for client certificate
   -c,--critical days     minimum number of days a certificate has to be valid
                          to issue a critical status
   -e,--email address     pattern to match the email address contained in the
   -f,--file file         local file path (works with -H localhost only)
   -h,--help,-?           this help message
   -i,--issuer issuer     pattern to match the issuer of the certificate
      --long-output list  append the specified comma separated (no spaces) list
                          of attributes to the plugin output on additional lines.
                          Valid attributes are:
                            enddate, startdate, subject, issuer, modulus, serial,
                            hash, email, ocsp_uri and fingerprint.
                          'all' will include all the available attributes.
   -n,---cn name          pattern to match the CN of the certificate
   -N,--host-cn           match CN with the host name
      --ocsp              check revocation via OCSP
   -o,--org org           pattern to match the organization of the certificate
      --openssl path      path of the openssl binary to be used
   -p,--port port         TCP port
   -P,--protocol protocol use the specific protocol {http|smtp|pop3|imap|ftp|xmpp}
                          http:               default
                          smtp,pop3,imap,ftp: switch to TLS
   -s,--selfsigned        allows self-signed certificates
   -S,--ssl version       force SSL version (2,3)
   -r,--rootcert path     root certificate or directory to be used for
                          certficate validation
   -t,--timeout           seconds timeout after the specified time
                          (defaults to 15 seconds)
      --temp dir          directory where to store the temporary files
      --tls1              force TLS version 1
   -v,--verbose           verbose output
   -V,--version           version
   -w,--warning days      minimum number of days a certificate has to be valid
                          to issue a warning status

Deprecated options:
   -d,--days days         minimum number of days a certificate has to be valid
                          (see --critical and --warning)


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