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check_lm_sensors is a Nagios plugin to monitor the values of on board sensors and hard disk temperatures on Linux systems

see the INSTALL file for installation instructions


check_lm_sensors [--help] [--verbose] [--version] [OPTIONS]


  -?, --help      help

  --check, -c     specifies a check for a sensor

  -l, --low       specifies a check for a sensor value which is too low.
                    --low fan1=2000,1000
                  will give a warning if the value of the fan1 sensor drops
                  below 2000 RPMs and a critical status if it drops below
                  1000 RPMs

  -h, --high      specifies a check for a sensor value which is too high.
                    --high temp1=50,60
                  will give a warning if the value of the temp1 sensor reaches
                  50 degrees and a critical status if it reaches 60 degrees

  -r, --range     specifies a check for a sensor value which should stay
                  in a given range.
                    --range v1=1,2,12
                  will give a warning if the value of the sensor gets outside
                  the 11-13 range (12+-1) and a critical status if the value is
                  outside the 10-14 range (12+-2)

  --rename        renames a sensor in the performance output (useful if you
                  want to have common names for similar sensors across
                  different machines)
                    --rename cputemp=temp1

  --sanitize      sanitize sensor names (e.g., removing spaces)

  --list          list all available sensors

  --nosensors     disable checks on check lm_sensors

  --nodrives      disable checks on drive temperatures

  -d, --drives    enable checks on drive temperature

  --hddtemp_bin   manually specifies the location of the hddtemp binary

  --sensors_bin   manually specified the location of the sensors binary

  -v, --verbose   verbose output

  --version       prints the version and exits

Sensors with a space in the name can be specified
* by escaping the space:                        --high sda\ Temp=50,60
* by quoting the name:                          --high 'sda Temp'=50,60
* by substituting the space with an underscore: --high sda_Temp=50,60
* by using the --sanitize option to remove the space
    --sanitize --high sdaTemp=50,60


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