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09:24 WikiStart edited by corti
08:26 check_rbl edited by corti
07:56 New download check_rbl-1.3.0.tar.gz created by corti
(31.4 KB)
07:45 Changeset [1264] by corti
Release 1.3.0: patched to support whitelistings


21:59 Changeset [1263] by corti
Fixed false positive by perlcritic
21:55 Changeset [1262] by corti
Fixed formatting
21:37 Ticket #93 (check_updates only runs as root) closed by corti
invalid: check_updates does not need to be run as root on systems using yum: `$ …
21:19 check_dir edited by corti
21:18 New download check_dir-3.0.0.tar.gz created by corti
(36.8 KB)
21:17 check_dir edited by corti
21:16 WikiStart edited by corti
18:49 Ticket #93 (check_updates only runs as root) created by ndias@lip.pt
check_updates only runs as root, but I can run yum check_update as normal …
17:48 Changeset [1261] by corti
Merged the permission and count checks in a single file (this will be the …
17:27 Changeset [1260] by corti
Fixing commit errors
17:18 Changeset [1259] by corti
Fixed minor issues with perlcritic
12:57 Changeset [1258] by corti
Fixed a warning (redeclared variable)
12:52 Changeset [1257] by corti
Fixed the tests (when run as root) and finalized the spec file for RPM
12:51 Changeset [1256] by corti
Added missing copyright statement
12:22 Changeset [1255] by corti
Added unit tests
12:20 Changeset [1254] by corti
Fixed documentation, spec file not yet OK
11:00 Ticket #91 (Don't report "OK" on permission errors) closed by corti
fixed: Fixed in r1253. Not yet ready for release but works (can be checked out …
10:59 Ticket #92 (Permission check doesn't consider groups) closed by corti
fixed: Fixed in r1253. Not yet ready for release but works (can be checked out …
10:37 Changeset [1253] by corti
Fixed #91 and #92. New release not yet ready (packaging)
07:38 Changeset [1252] by corti
Removed the symlink (will be replace by the files)


17:57 Changeset [1251] by corti
Added File::Spec to the test dependencies
12:57 Ticket #92 (Permission check doesn't consider groups) created by marti@juffo.org
The current permission check in check_dir is buggy: […] Basically it …
12:51 Ticket #91 (Don't report "OK" on permission errors) created by marti@juffo.org
Currently when check_dir finds a directory it can't access, it skips it …
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