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Welcome to ippclient

Ippclient provides the client part of IPP written in Java. The client includes:

  • print job
  • request job parameters like job state
  • cancel job
  • request printer capabilities

The module is easily expandable using a data model defined by XML schemas. The data model is applied over the whole module and uses the same classes for request and response. The code snippets below demonstrates the main concept of ippclient:

Use the Setter methods for building a request:

   IppOperation ippOperation = new PrinterState();
   ((PrinterState) ippOperation).setPrinterAddress(uri);
   ((PrinterState) ippOperation).setUsername("anonymous");

Transform the data model of ippclient to a byte stream:

   IppOperationToByteBuffer itob = new IppOperationToByteBuffer(ippOperation);
   ByteBuffer outputBuf = itob.getByteStream();

Transform the byte stream of the printer back to the data model of ippclient:

   BytesToIppOperation btoi = new BytesToIppOperation(new PrinterState());
   IppOperation ippOperation = btoi.getIppOperation();

Get the printer state:

    if (((PrinterState) ippOperation).isSuccessfulOk()) {
        ((PrinterState) ippOperation).getPrinterState();

Note:The software is licensed under the the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. I'd like to thank the IT Services of the ETH Zurich for its release to the Open Source Community.

Current Release

  • ippclient Version 1.2.9




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