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dprofpp_grapher reads the output file of the Perl profiler and generates a context insentivive call graph highlighting subroutines where the majority of the time is spent.



Usage: dprofpp_grapher [options]

Generates a graphic representation of Perl profile data


    --format,-f        set the output format (see the GraphViz manpage for a list)
    --in,-i            input file (if not specified tmon.out is read by default)
    --help,-h,-?       this help screen
    --out,-o           output file (if not specified output is sent to standard output)
    --threshold,-t     display only subroutins with a cumumlative time
                       percentage greater or equal to the specified
    --verbose,-v       increase verbosity
    --version,-V       prints version information

see some usage examples for more details.


  • you can check out the current version with svn: svn co https://svn.id.ethz.ch/dprofpp_grapher/src dprofpp_grapher
  • or download the 1.0.1 release tarball dprofpp_grapher-1.0.1.tar.gz

You can also look at the  downloads section for older releases.


In distribution directory run:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make install

or look at the INSTALL file for details

See also


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